About the work


Turner lives and works in Brooklyn. She graduates with an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in summer of 2017. Previously, she attended New York Studio School for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture after having earned her BA from University of Vermont. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Memphis, and California.


Artist Statement

Experiencing wonder is vital to humanity in the Anthropocene where humans are the dominant global determinant. My artwork connects wonder with plants in an effort to re-establish the forgotten reverence for the unseen forces in nature. Our contemporary capitalist culture separates us from our Paleolithic instincts. In our digital cyborg lives, we have lost our original identities. It is imperative to reconnect with nature as the survival of our species depends upon it, not to mention thousands of others like plant and animal species on the brink of extinction. To make necessary improvements for life on this planet, humanity is more likely to cultivate reverence for nature through positivity and curiosity. My paintings explore this concept of botanical wonderment in an aesthetic interplay between seeing and thinking, between representation and abstraction, and between lost and found.